Top Benefits of Electrical Testing

When dealing with electricity and gas, it is vital to ensure your appliances are checked by a licensed or competent person regularly. If you want to do it yourself, you should enroll in a test and tag training. In this way, you can learn how to carry out basic electric inspections for your office, work, and home appliances. It is a good idea to hire a reputable company to carry out electrical testing services. The following are some of the benefits you will get.

Business Interruptions

As you know, power surges, transients, spikes, and even not carrying out preventive maintenance can cause damage to the electrical system. Such events wear down the components and can cause premature failure if your facility uses a lot of power, the greater the risk of failure. The truth is that electrical failures are not inevitable if you do not carry out preventive maintenance. With professional electrical testing service, you can greatly reduce such risks.

Life/Safety Risks

It is vital to note that electrical distribution system issues are the leading cause of basic industry and office structure fire. Fortunately, with electrical testing, these problems can be discovered early and solved.

Utility Costs

It is estimated that without a preventive maintenance plan, an electrical distribution system can cause wastage in utility cost annually. When hiring an electrical testing company, it can help identify such wastes and eliminate them.

Surge Suppression

You should note that about 75% of all transients are generated internally. They happen when you start and stop elevators, manufacturing equipment, motors, and heating and air conditioning equipment. The transients are spikes of voltage or current in a circuit and can cause degradation of the equipment that can be mistaken for equipment age and manufacturer quality. It is possible to develop a surge suppression plan and ensure maximum protection of the assets.


It is estimated that insurance companies lose a lot of money each year because of electrical failure. That explains why a lot of insurance companies are encouraging their customers to carry out electrical preventive maintenance. In this way, all parties can save money.

Asset Management

Usually, the life expectancy of an electrical distribution system is 15 years. That is the case when there is no electrical preventive maintenance. However, when you take care of the electrical system, its life expectancy can go to an average of 30 years. An electrical testing company can help you plan for upgrades and avoid emergency repairs.